Makom Meshutaf Training conferences teach our future rabbis, educators, and community leaders, the importance of unity and tolerance based on dialogue skills and leadership training.
Three seminars consisting of two sessions each, concentrate on engaging in dialogue with people from different denominations and varied Jewish backgrounds; defining and implementing leadership skills in today’s Jewish world, and highlighting and improving oratory skills and practical homiletics.  Some of the topics covered include, an approach to addressing diverse forum, how to avoid confrontation and yet engage in differences, leadership qualities and managing skills.
Offering these seminars enables Makom Meshutaf to impact and influence the future leaders of the Jewish world in Israel who ultimately impact the face of Israeli society and the Jewish world in Israel today.

  • A. The Dynamics of Homiletics
  • B. How to speak and address people who are different than us
  • C. Identifying qualities which help us develop into effective leaders
  • D. Dealing with the elderly and visiting people who are ill
  • E. Classroom and Behavioral Management
“Thank you for your wonderfully enriching program. The seminars accomplished exactly what we were looking for and we look forward to inviting you again to offer more for our students”
Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein, Amiel Ohr Torah Stone
“The seminars offered great foundations for us to learn. Rabbi Hammer is very patient, listens carefully to questions asked and answers very intelligently”
Rabbinic Student, Eretz Chemda Ranana
“Discussed very poignant issues which helped us prepare for our positions”
Rabbinic Student, Amiel Ohr Torah Stone