These sessions impart the foundations of Jewish Identity, the significance of Jewish holidays, Jewish unity and tolerance through dialogue and leadership skills and training.

Sessions concentrate on defining what makes Israel a Jewish country, the importance of engaging in dialogue with people from different denominations and varied Jewish backgrounds; defining and implementing leadership skills and maintaining a balanced existence and avoiding extremes in Israel and Israeli society.

The seminars prepare our youngsters to become impactful and meaningful Jewish leaders in Israel and encourage them to embrace their Jewish heritage and culture as they embark upon the various roles which they will take as they begin to serve in the IDF.

Pre Military academies that Makom Meshutaf visits regularly include:

  • Mechina Asher Ruach Bo – Mitzpe Ramon
  • Mechina Shekef – Kibbutz Shekef
  • Mechina Nachshon – Kibbutz Sde Yoav
  • Mechina Nachal Oz – Kibbutz Nachal Oz
  • Mechina Bet Guvrin – Kibbutz Bet Guvrin
  • Mechina Tzahali – Kibbutz Ein Tzurim
  • Mechina Sderot – Sderot
  • Mechina Shoval – Kibbutz Shoval