Becoming a Bar/Bat mitzvah is an incredibly special experience not only for you and your child but for our nation.

Makom Meshutaf’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah program remains small in group size which enables us to work with families and the students in a flexible manner and allows us to create a most appropriate and meaningful experience. Sessions on Leadership and Responsibility in preparation for becoming a Jewish adult are offered by both observant and non-observant counselors, demonstrating unity and tolerance.

The program consists of eight sessions in which the participants learn about the Jewish traditions and values in an experiential, creative and participatory fashion which makes the program not only informative but exciting and dynamic. Participants learn about responsibility, the Jewish calendar and holidays, the Jewish approach to life cycle events, and the significance of the symbols of our tradition. Every session includes a creative project related to the subject matter at hand.

The program ends with a special trip to Yerushalayim for the participant and their parents including an inspiring closing ceremony.

“Working with Makom Meshutaf and Shalom Hammer has proven to be an enriching experience for our child. It has helped familiarize our daughter with the Jewish sources and it has helped unite the entire group of teens on the Kibbutz by way of values and aspirations”
Bruriah Karnei-Hadas , Head of Culture Kibbutz Kerem Shalom
“Makom Meshutaf’s program is rich in content and emphasizes to our children how Judaism is so important to us as a nation. Through interaction and creative activities our kids have really bonded with one another which is so crucial in the Kibbutz. Rav Shalom is so patient with the kids and demonstrates such genuine happiness working with them”
Sharon Kaspi, Kibbutz Kerem Shalom